Saturday, 21 August 2010

BBC Bias: Israeli Buffer Zone Complaint

Dear BBC Complaints,

I want to complain about this map graphic on this page.

BBC Map of the No-Go Zone

which is in fact a watered down version of the map commissioned by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, entitled: Gaza Strip: Access Restricted Areas and Affected Localities, the report can be found here.


Your map is not impartial, it is generous to Israel in its ambiguity and is misleading even biased by its omissions.

By not including the Green Line and by not using the unambiguous label, "No-Go Zone", while preferring the Israel-friendly and totally inaccurate, "Israeli Buffer Zone (up to 1km deep)", you are misleading the casual reader or browser. Here are some points of my complaint for you to consider.

1) This zone is not in Israel nor does it belong to Israel so the word "Israeli" should not be used unless you elaborate.

2) This is not a "Buffer Zone". A buffer zone is a NEUTRAL zone BETWEEN two rival powers that is created in order to diminish the danger of conflicit.

3) As there is no Green Line or Border, one can be forgiven in thinking the Zone is in Israel, especially when you label it "Israeli".

4) The No-Go Zone is greater than "1km deep".

Please can you address my complaint quickly and address the points I have raised. I would like a reply.

Update: 4/sep/2010 - Chased up - Complaint not addressed

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